This page exists for the viewing of recorded messages as a substitute for live worship, specifically created during the global COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent ‘social distancing’ restriction on physical meetings imposed by WHO and Government legislation.

Mid-week and Sunday Reflections

Sunday 27th September

This week’s reflection from Kirkliston Parish Church is from Alistair Barton, with a prayer from Karen McKay, and Bible readings from Morag Carnall.

Bible passages; Romans 5:1-2 and Romans 5:6-10

littlekids@kpc are learning about David this week – an exciting story of a shepherd boy vs a giant!

kids@kpc: On our journey through Acts, this week Paul and Barnabas have an adventure – a Lego story will tell the tale!

Sunday 20th September

Sunday reflection from Kirkliston Parish Church with Marion Donald, Bible reading from Karen McTighe (The Message translation), and a prayer from Christina Pearson.

Bible Passages: Psalm 23:1-8 and John 10:11-18


This week littlekids@kpc are learning about Samuel and someone is joining me this week…….


kids@kpc are continuing with Peter this week and we learn about his next trip to prison! Next week we will be continuing the book of Acts with Paul and Barnabas. Have a good week ??

Thursday 17th September

Mid-week reflection this week from Kirsteen Marcelin, Children & Families Worker at Kirkliston.

Sunday 13th September

Sunday Reflection at Kirkliston Parish Church, with a talk from John McPhee, bible readings from Karen McKay, and a prayer from Daniel Pearson.

Bible Passages: John 1:1-5 and John 8:12

Little Kids@KPC

This week, little kids@kpc are learning about Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. There is a cartoon, some crafts and finishes with a song. Send us your crafts once you have finished them. Next week we will be learning about Samuel.

Have a good week!


This week we continue our journey through Acts, finding out what happens when Peter visits the centurion Cornelius. There are 2 stories to choose from – one cartoon and one movie style. We have some chat and songs in the mix too. A link to crafts will be posted. Next week, Peter goes to prison – again!

Have a good week ??


Thursday 10th September

Mid-week Reflection

This week’s mid-week reflection is from Rachel Hawkins.

Sunday 6th September

The Minister’s Reflection

Kirkliston Parish Church Sunday reflection with Rev Christine Clark, reading from Jan Wemyss, and a prayer from Alistair Barton.

Bible Passage: 1 Kings 3:5-15

Children’s Lessons

This week, littlekids@kpc will be on an adventure with Joshua, learning how brave he was.

kids@kpc continue with the book of Acts and learn about what happened when Saul met Jesus on the Road to Damascus.

Wednesday 3rd September mid-week Reflection

Video from Kirsteen Marcellin, our children and families worker.


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