Peculiar Posture

Peculiar Posture

Passage: John 13:13-17,Zephaniah 3:16-17

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The sermon portrays the image we have of Christ, our Lord, demonstrating servitude as he washes his disciple's feet, an act which takes place in the upper chamber of a disciple's home after the Last Supper.  Have we become so focused on religion demonstrating our faith, such that we have lost the focus of servitude and faith demonstrating our religion ?



The powerful picture of remains of a statue here comes from a visit by Attie to a museum exhibiting art and religious artefacts (the Bode museum in Berlin) whilst on a study trip to Germany.


The broken limbs evoke thoughts of God in a fragmented world - or is it rather a picture of God being fragmented in our world ?  Listen to the sermon for more information.


Jesus' servitude cost him his body, his life.


The sermon reminds us to be careful.  Being a servant, a foot-washer, can be a dangerous job!