Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and the 123 Club

The Pastoral Care Team at Kirkliston Parish Church have been looking at new ways of becoming a more effective team in assisting our Minister and meeting the pastoral needs of our Church Family in the community .

We are blessed to have a team of fifteen volunteers who work well together , mostly in pairs , reaching out and meeting the pastoral needs within our community. We have formed a Club called the 1,2,3.Club. Some members of the club will require weekly or monthly visits , others every two months or three months . It does ensure that everyone on the list is visited at least four times a year depending on needs. Everyone over 80 years of age is automatically included on the list if they would like visited.

We run a district system within our session and are fortunate to have wonderful elders who also visit well and are happy to put names forward of those in their district who would benefit from joining the club .

As a team we have done various courses to develop our skills within Pastoral Care ,Bereavement training , Listening Skills , Prayer training and at present we are working through the Learn series on Pastoral Care as a team.

A six week Bereavement course is regularly run along with South Queensferry Parish Church . Some of the Pastoral Care team help the Minister with follow up bereavement visits .
We meet monthly to pray, discuss and update the pastoral needs of the members and keep our Minister informed of any major changes or when a visit is required from the Minister .Confidentiality within the team is paramount .

As a team we enjoy our pastoral work together within the community ,working with the gifts that God has given us and hope that we make a difference to the lives of those we visit .

Contact us via the Contact Page on this website.  Someone from the team will be in touch with you (if requested).