This page intends to help us broaden our outlook on our faith and commitment as Christians, perhaps, by providing direction to other places of interest for enquiring minds amongst us at Kirkliston and beyond.

Grasping The Nettle (GTN)

Thanks to John McPhee for contributing this heads-up on ‘grasping the nettle’, a reputable Christian Apologetics group which explores the connection between Science and Faith.

Their website is offering free access to a 6 session course entitled ”The God Question”. It’s normally available for purchase, but recently has been available free during COVID-19 lockdown on their website.

To access it go to the website and select main menu option ‘Watch’ if necessary.  NB: the free (no cost) offering is still available however could be withdrawn without notice.

Our own Church of Scotland’s the Very Rev Russell Barr, amongst others, contributes elsewhere within clips on this website.