Want to know more about God, Jesus and the big questions of life? Curious about the Holy Spirit? Can’t make sense of suffering? Don’t know where to start with the Bible or prayer? All these subjects and more are explored in Alpha over twelve weeks.

 Alpha 2021 – Monday evenings 19th April to 30th June online although if allowed to meet up before the end we will try to!

All welcome: format is a film and a chat about topics like Who is Jesus? Why should I read my Bible? How do I pray? Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I be filled with the Spirit? You can come along just to listen, or if you fancy a deep discussion. Bring a cuppa and enjoy.

To Register, if interested, contact Paula Roots in the first instance, by telephone 07598 397962, or email


For more information about Alpha search for Alpha on YouTube or click here. You can also try this link to the actual Alpha organisation website (The Alpha Course UK) where you will find more information.