Life Groups

The Church runs a number of ‘Life Groups’ meeting on a regular basis, mostly fortnightly. They meet at different times to suit the needs of members. We normally meet in members’ homes, but during the Covid pandemic restrictions all meetings are weekly on Zoom.

The numbers are usually 8-10, and they are quite varied in their styles and study material. We study the Bible, but are also a very sociable lot, and enjoy fun, fellowship and worship together too. It’s a good place to grow in faith, and we find that as trust grows we can share things that might not be possible on Sundays – it is really a place where we learn to be better disciples of Jesus and use the gifts and skills He has given us.

We would love to see more people enjoy the benefits and blessings of Life groups. Some can’t take any more members, but there are still a few places, and we can soon start a new group if necessary….

Here are the details of who leads them and when they meet;

  • Linda & Keith Moss –Tuesday mornings fortnightly at 10.30am
  • The Women’s group – Tuesday evenings at 7.30 Led by Jane Stein
  • Katie & Wilson Marshall’s group – Thursdays at 2pm
  • Christine Pearson’s group – Monday evenings at 7.00pm
  • John McPhee’s group – Monday evenings at 7.30pm
  • Rev. Erick’s Young Adults Group – Thursday evenings at 7.30

Speak to John McPhee or group leaders for more information.