Want to know more about God, Jesus and the big questions of life? Curious about the Holy Spirit? Can’t make sense of suffering? Don’t know where to start with the Bible or prayer? All these subjects and more are explored in Alpha over twelve weeks.

Alpha will run again this year from Thursday 13th September for 12 weeks in Dalmeny Church hall: all welcome. It is a chance to meet over food, film and coffee to discuss the big faith issues. Look out for posters, trailers on TV and invitations in the coming weeks. Please consider friends or family who might welcome an invitation to find out more about Jesus, God, the Bible, prayer, the Holy Spirit and other topics.

Each informal evening starts with a meal, then a short film, coffee/tea and discussion on a topic, e.g. ‘Who is Jesus?’ ‘Why should I pray?’ The away day has three sessions on the Holy Spirit. Each evening will last about 2 hours, providing a great opportunity to meet people and to explore the Christian faith together.

For further information please contact Paula Roots on 07598 397 962.

More details and invitations will follow in August.

For more information about Alpha search for Alpha on YouTube or click here. You can also try this link to the actual Alpha organisation website (The Alpha Course UK) where you will find more information.