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This page is a repository /archive of videos published on the KPC website (via YouTube) during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown of March 2020 onwards.  They are presented in reverse chronological order, most recent first.

Sunday 27th September

This week’s reflection from Kirkliston Parish Church is from Alistair Barton, with a prayer from Karen McKay, and Bible readings from Morag Carnall.

Bible passages; Romans 5:1-2 and Romans 5:6-10

littlekids@kpc are learning about David this week – an exciting story of a shepherd boy vs a giant!

kids@kpc: On our journey through Acts, this week Paul and Barnabas have an adventure – a Lego story will tell the tale!

Sunday 20th September

Sunday reflection from Kirkliston Parish Church with Marion Donald, Bible reading from Karen McTighe (The Message translation), and a prayer from Christina Pearson.

Bible Passages: Psalm 23:1-8 and John 10:11-18


This week littlekids@kpc are learning about Samuel and someone is joining me this week…….


kids@kpc are continuing with Peter this week and we learn about his next trip to prison! Next week we will be continuing the book of Acts with Paul and Barnabas. Have a good week ??

Thursday 17th September

Mid-week reflection this week from Kirsteen Marcelin, Children & Families Worker at Kirkliston.

Sunday 13th September

Sunday Reflection at Kirkliston Parish Church, with a talk from John McPhee, bible readings from Karen McKay, and a prayer from Daniel Pearson.

Bible Passages: John 1:1-5 and John 8:12

Little Kids@KPC

This week, little kids@kpc are learning about Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. There is a cartoon, some crafts and finishes with a song. Send us your crafts once you have finished them. Next week we will be learning about Samuel.

Have a good week!


This week we continue our journey through Acts, finding out what happens when Peter visits the centurion Cornelius. There are 2 stories to choose from – one cartoon and one movie style. We have some chat and songs in the mix too. A link to crafts will be posted. Next week, Peter goes to prison – again!

Have a good week ??


Thursday 10th September

Mid-week Reflection

This week’s mid-week reflection is from Rachel Hawkins.

Sunday 6th September

The Minister’s Reflection

Kirkliston Parish Church Sunday reflection with Rev Christine Clark, reading from Jan Wemyss, and a prayer from Alistair Barton.

Bible Passage: 1 Kings 3:5-15

Children’s Lessons

This week, littlekids@kpc will be on an adventure with Joshua, learning how brave he was.

kids@kpc continue with the book of Acts and learn about what happened when Saul met Jesus on the Road to Damascus.

Wednesday 3rd September mid-week Reflection

Video from Kirsteen Marcellin, our children and families worker.



Sunday 30th August

Sunday reflections from Marion Donald, with reading by Paula Roots, and a prayer from Linda Moss.

Bible Passages:

  • Isaiah 40:25-31
  • Psalm 13:1-8

Thursday 27th August

Reflection from Rachel Hawkins, Youth Worker at Kirkliston

Sunday 23rd August

Kirkliston Parish Church Sunday Reflection with John McPhee, reading by Rob Brechin, and prayer from Morag Carnall.

Bible Passage:  John 6:28-37

Sunday 16th August

Reflections from Rev Christine Clark, with readings by Liz Woollven and a prayer from Helen McPhee.

Bible Passage: James 5:7-11

Thursday 13th August

Mid-week Reflection – Rachel Hawkins

Sunday 9th August

Sunday Reflection

Sunday reflections from KPC with Alistair Barton, readings by Moira Gaynor, and prayer from John McPhee.


Thursday 6th August

Mid-week Reflection

Sunday 2nd August (A Zoom Communion Day)

Minister’s Reflection

Reflections from Kirkliston Parish Church with Rev Christine Clark, bible passage reading by Karen Mctighe, and a prayer from Paula Roots.

Bible Reading: Acts 16:1-15

Children’s Videos

Not yet available

Thursday 30th July

Mid-week reflection from Rachel Hawkins (youth worker)

Sunday 26th July

Sunday Reflection

Reflection from John McPhee with readings by Daniel Pearson and a prayer from Marion Donald.

Bible readings:-

  • Psalm 8:1-10
  • 1 John 1:1-4

Wednesday 23rd July

Mid-week reflection – Kirsteen Marcelin

Sunday 19th July

Rev Christine Clark delivers Sunday reflections with readings by Kirsteen Marcelin and a prayer from Katie Marshall.

Bible Passages:-

  • Acts 13:1-5
  • Acts 13:42-52

Videos For Kids at KPC

This week, littlekids@kpc are learning about when Moses was born and making a picture of Moses in the river. There is a fun song at the end!

kids@kpc are continuing to look at the book of Acts. This week we are travelling with Philip and finding out what happens to him and who he meets. We have exciting information about Wonder Zone Holiday Club too!

Thursday 16th July

Mid-week reflections from youth worker, Rachel Hawkins.

Sunday 12th July

Reflections with Marion Donald, a prayer from Alistair Barton, and the reading of bible passages by Christina Pearson.

  • Mark 4:35-41
  • Matthew 14:22-32 

Videos For Kids at KPC

littlekids@kpc are learning about Joseph this week. There is a story, crafts and a catchy song!

kids@kpc will continue our journey through Acts, this week looking at what happens to Stephen

Wednesday 8th July

Mid-week reflection from Kirsteen Marcelin

Sunday 5th July


Reflections with Rev Christine Clark, reading by Morag Carnall, and prayer from Rachel Hawkins.

Videos For Kids at Kirkliston

littlekids@kpc are learning about Abraham and Sarah this week with different crafts to do.

kids@kpc this week are continuing looking at the Book of Acts and looking at the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

Thursday 2nd July

Mid-week reflections from Rachel, Kirkliston’s Youth Worker.

Sunday 28th June


Today’s reflection comes from John McPhee, one of the elders at Kirkliston.

The two readings are from The New International Version (NIV) Bible as follows, read to us by Jan Wemyss, also an elder at Kirkliston.

  • Isaiah 55:1-3
  • John 7:37-44

Kid’s Sunday Lesson

This weeks littlekids@kpc is all about Noah and the craft is making an ark. The easier ark is at the end for younger children. 

The kids@kpc video

This video is called ‘Celebrating You!’

Thursday 25th June

From Kirsteen Marcelin, mid-week reflection.

Sunday 21st June


Today reflections comes from Marion Donald for the first time, with Alistair Barton reading the bible passage.

The reading comes from The Message translation and is Luke 5:1-11.


Wednesday 18th June

Mid-week reflection from Rachel Hawkins.

Sunday 14th June

Reflections From The Minister

The Rev Christine Clark provides reflections on this Sunday.

Kids’ Sunday Lessons

At littlekids@kpc, we find out this week what happens with Adam, Eve and the snake in the Garden of Eden.

At kids@kpc, we are continuing our journey through Acts and find that Peter and John will not be silent.

Thursday 11th June

Another mid-week video from Kirsten Marcellin the Children and Families worker in Kirkliston Parish Church.

Sunday 7th June

This is the first Sunday from Kirkliston having had a virtual Communion over the ubiquitous Zoom application, however it was not recorded (for good security reasons), and the video streamed on this page is a (slightly) expanded Reflections video format similar to previous weeks.

The Ministers Reflection

Youth and Kids Video(s)

Wednesday 3rd June

From Rachel Hawkins, Youth Worker, our mid-week reflections.

Sunday 31st May (Pentecost)

Pentecost Sunday 31st May 2020 with reflections from Rev Christine Clark, Kirkliston Parish Church, including bell ringing during lockdown.


…. and KIDS@KPC on Pentecost, a message for children from Kirsteen Marcelin

Kirsteen also recommends viewing this YouTube video, a virtual global rendition by children of the blessing ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’.

Thursday 28th May

Mid-week reflections from Kirsteen Marcelin, entitled “Light at the end of the tunnel”, with an additional video presenting this week’s children’s lesson.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The Children’s lesson

Sunday 24th May

Sunday reflections from Rev Christine Clark.

Bible Reading: Psalm 63

Wednesday 20th May

Reflections from Rachel Hawkins, Youth Worker

Sunday 17th May

Rev Christine Clark delivers  Sunday reflections and readings.

Bible Reading:  Matthew 6:25-34

Thursday 14th May

A reflections video from Kirsteen Marcelin, Kirkliston’s Children & Families Worker.

Sunday 10th May

In a departure from ‘the new normal’ for Kirkliston which to date during COVID-19 “lockdown” has constituted mid-week and Sunday reflections video streamed from this website, Rachel Hawkins, our Youth Worker, has compiled an ‘Order of Service’ for your own personal use this Sunday. 

The Rev Christine Clark has provided the customary reflections this Sunday.  There is no relationship between the reflections video and the order of service from Rachel.

Reflections From the Rev Christine Clark

Christine’s reflections today include a reading from Isaiah 43:1-4a

The Order Of Service from Rachel

A mixture of traditional and contemporary worship components, including readings and music and Rachel’s own video from earlier this week (see below) are available from The Order Of Service (click here) and links contained therein.

Wednesday 6th May

Rachel Hawkins and Eve Eisler provide this week’s mid-week reflections video streaming message.

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Reflections from Rev Christine Clark, our locum minister.  In this video Christine reads from Psalm 23 and during it was mindful of Stuart Townend’s performance of ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ on YouTube and, for the younger listeners, Doug Horley’s ‘Nothing’s Too Big…’.

Thursday 30th April

First mid-week reflections this week from Kirsteen Marcelin.  Kirsteen follows up her own offering with a seamless YouTube link to a number by Casting Crowns, a contemporary Christian Rock band.  It is called ‘Voice of Truth’.


Sunday 26th April 2020

Reflections from Rev Christine Clark

  • Bible Reading: Matthew 11:28-30

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Reflections from Rachel Hawkins, youth worker at KPC.

Bible Reading: John 15:1-11

Sunday 19th April 2020

Reflections from Rev Christine Clark

  • Bible Reading: John 20:24-29

Thursday 16th April 2020

A video from Rachel Hawkins, youth worker at Kirkliston.

Easter 2020

Easter Sunday 12th April 2020

A message from Rev Christine Clark, Locum Minister at Kirkliston Parish Church. 

  • Bible Reading: John 20:15-18

Maundy Thursday 9th April 2020

A message from Rev Christine Clark, Locum Minister at Kirkliston Parish Church. 

  • Bible Reading: Mark 14:12-18


Good Friday 10th April 2020

Good Friday Noon Meditation with Queensferry and Dalmeny

Good Friday Reflection from Rev Christine Clark, Locum Minister at Kirkliston Parish Church