Passage: Mark 9:14-32

Click the links within the following text to listen to two audios from today's sermon:-



  • A sketch from John McPhee and Alistair Barton of an imagined conversation between Jesus and Peter
  • The Bible passage read by Karen McKay



Jesus tells his disciples openly and plainly how he must suffer rejection and death, but that he would rise again.  The disciples failed to understand, but were afraid to ask about it.


Later, Jesus heals a boy who suffered from epilepsy out of frustration when the disciples tried and failed to heal the boy.  In private, after the healing, Jesus taught his disciples that to do what he had done, they needed prayer and communication with God, through Jesus.  We too as Christians show weakness in prayer.


Lent is an opportunity for us to take stock of our lives and our faith, to reassess our priorities and our weaknesses.