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Easter Celebration at Rejoice

Tables are set, soup bubbling on the stove, the door opens, and the chatter commences! What a joy it is to be part of this amazing ministry where we honour our senior members who find it difficult to attend regular Sunday service. Reverend Stan Brook led worship, then gave a short and thought provoking message about the meaning of Easter past, Easter present, and Easter future, followed by the sacrament of Communion.

We look forward to meeting again on the 15th of May.

C.A.B. Friday 3rd May 2019

This week we will be at the church centre – we will be talking about Heroes of the Bible and maybe some other heroes too.

If you are not a regular CAB attendee, here is some background information for you:-

C.A.B. stands for Christian Action Bus. C.A.B. takes place on a Friday evening from 7-8pm and is for primary aged children. Usually, the bus heads to Gateside and then we go to the Hub at Gateside. We meet at the car park at Maitland Hogg Lane. Every second week we collect the children and go to the Church Centre. We have games, cooking, crafts, stories, videos and lots of chat! If you are interested and want to see what is all about come and join us on a Friday evening or get in touch. An energetic hour is had by all!