Regular Services

Sunday Morning Worship

10.30 am – Sunday Worship
(including provision for children)

followed by refreshments/Fellowship in Church Centre

Communion at 10.30 am on the First Sunday of March, June, September and December

Café Church at 6.30 pm in the Church Centre on the First Sunday of the month (except January) - a more informal service.

On occasion, the timings of services may change – please check this website for updated information.


“Psalms for All Seasons” day at Greyfriars Kirk


Psalms are the bedrock of Jewish and Christian song and are deep expressions of joy and sadness. They reflect the highs and lows of the human condition, our search for relationship with God and for ways to live well in the world. Psalms For All Seasons is a day designed to explore the […]

Watoto Children’s Choir this Sunday at Kirkliston!

Watoto Children’s Choir is a group of African children’s choirs based in Kampala, Uganda, at Watoto Church (formerly Kampala Pentecostal Church or KPC). Each choir is composed of about twenty-two children from Uganda.

Watoto means “Children” in Swahili language. The choir is made up of children who have lost one or both parents to […]

Watoto Children’s Choir comes to Kirkliston – Sunday 21st June

Imagine a new Africa. Reborn, revived, rebuilt. The all-new production, “Oh What Love”, by the Watoto Children’s Choir, presents the vitality of the new Africa. Its vibrancy, urban sound and colour takes you on an emotional journey from utter despair to joyous celebration as the children share their stories.

Since 1994, Watoto […]