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Kirkliston Parish Church is the Church of Scotland parish church in Kirkliston, and we have been worshipping here since at least the 12th century.

We are a church that believes in community as we try to make Jesus and his Gospel relevant to people today.

We meet each Sunday for two morning services:-

  • at 10.15 am we offer a traditional service of worship
  • at 11.30 am we have a more relaxed family orientated service

Coffee is served in the church centre between services which allows a time of fellowship with attendees of both services.

At significant points in the Church calendar, such as services for communion and remembrance of contributions made in conflict situations (e.g. Armistice Day), or our Annual Stated meeting (the ASM), there will be a single joint service in the Church building at 11.00 am or 10.15 am respectively.

We would like to warmly invite you to any of our services.

To enlarge the map shown here to help you see where we are located in the village, right-click with your mouse over the map and select to ‘open link’ in a new window or new tab…

We also have touchpoints with other Churches in the area.  The only other Church in the village currently is Kirkliston Community Church with whom we engage, for example, to share activities at Christmas, village Galas, and local schools.

In Kirkliston there are three main Church Buildings;

The Church itself, which dates from the turn of the twelfth/thirteenth century i.e. around the year 1200AD, and still very much in regular use on Sundays and for weddings and funerals.

The Thomas Chalmers Centre which in its own day was the Free Church in Kirkliston from the time of disruption in the Church of Scotland in the 19th century from 1843 until 1929 when the reformation happened.  It is now very much the hub for social activity and fellowship for church groups as well as the wider community.

The manse, the minister’s official residence situated on the Main Street of Kirkliston.

Who’s Who

The following table lists some of the people you might want to contact at some time, and which you can do by using the form on the CONTACT US page.  The contact message, when submitted, will generate an email which will be received and duly processed by the Kirk Admin Team.

Kirkliston Parish Church – Useful Contacts
RoleRole HolderRole/Holder Description
Minister (Interim Moderator)The Rev. John CowieCoS Minister at Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Minister (Locum)The Rev, Christine ClarkCoS Minister
Treasurer (as of 1st March 2020)Moira GaynorMember of KPC, resident of Kirkliston.
Pastoral Care Team LeadLinda MossBorn in Edinburgh but has lived in Kirkliston for 47+ years. She was ordained as an Elder of Kirkliston Parish Church almost 30 years ago.
Administration Team LeadKaren McKay
Jan Wemyss
Both are long-standing active Elders in the Kirk Session
Property Team LeadWilson MarshallActive Elder in the Kirk Session
Session ClerkPaula RootsActive Elder in the Kirk Session
Roll KeeperKaren McKayMaintains church (parish) membership data
Website AdministratorBill McKaySession Elder aligned with the administration team
Youth WorkerRachel HawkinsCoS employee
Finance Team LeadDavid BuchananActive Elder (recently retired as Session Clerk in 2019)
Mission & Discipleship Team LeadJohn McPheeElder and occasional preacher
Worship Team LeadJane PlumbElder, one of the worship leaders, and occasional organist
GDPR CoordinatorGeorge PlumbElder and tech. team member. Primary contact for for data protection queries and/or issues.
Youth & Families Team LeadLindsay SteinElder and tech. team member
Children and Families WorkerKirsten MarcelinCoS Employee
Safeguarding CoordinatorMaureen GlenElder, resident of Kirkliston
Table of prominent persons/members of KPC who website visitors might wish to contact

Parish Profile

This document (click here to view and download if required) shows the latest version of our Parish Profile assembled and finalised by a working group from the Kirk Session, and approved for use by the Kirk Session in December 2019,  Along with other informational visuals further below, it gives the reader some of the background and diversity of what makes Kirkliston Parish Church what it is today.

Another similar version (unapproved) is available (click here) which may be an alternative some people prefer to use, depending on ‘technology’ in use (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc).